Waxing is one of the most popular and effective ways of hair removal. Unlike shaving and depilatory creams that only remove hair from the surface, waxing removes hair from the root leaving the skin soft, smooth and hairless for weeks. Some individuals may not experience regrowth for a month or more.

At Beauty Queen only the best hard (stripless) and soft wax is used. At Beauty Queen hard wax is used on the body, and sometimes the face, and is far less painful  than the traditional method of using soft wax on large areas. This is ideal for first timers, as well as those with sensitive skin. For facial waxing soft wax is used for it's precision in removing fine and coarse hairs, plus it's awesome on brows!

Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

Will waxing make my hair grow in thicker?

No, in fact it is the total opposite. By removing the hair from the root hair grows in finer, as well as less.

I'm nervous, will it hurt?

Temporary discomfort is to be expected, however waxing is nothing  like what you see on television! Each individual feels pain differntly and has a differnt toleration, so what may be be painful for one person, may be completely painless to another.

What is the difference between the differnt kinds of bikini waxes?

A Bikini Line wax is the removal of the hair outside of the panty line.

A Full Bikini wax is the removal of anything inside of the panty line. All the hair may or ay not be removed dependeing on your prefernce.

A Brazilian wax is the same as a Full Bikini, including the removal of the hair in betweeen the buttocks.

Wax Pricing


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